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I,Jose Pacheco,bought a 2007 Rav 4 from North Hills Toyota,Pittsburgh,pa.This vehicle is suppose to be certified.Which it is should be inspected before it is sold.This is not the case.I have the vehicle last than a month not even made a first payment yet.I taken it back for the rear brakes and failure to start.

When i called upset the Manger instead of tiring to understand my situation because i was upset he threaten to call the Police if i go down to the dealer.I told would drop the the vehicle off and they can keep it.He inform me they got there money its between me and the bank now.This is second time i have own a Toyota.The first time the experience was great.No matter what the problem was with the vehicle they taken care of.Even thought after the fact he made a effort to take care of the problem he should never have hung up while my wife was talking to him.That is very rude and unacceptable.It seems i cant do anything complaining with the Dealer.The Manager name is Steve he represents your company and should be retrained or fired.I love you vehicles but if theses are the people that represent you i what nothing to do with Toyota.You need to talk to this man or your going to lose a lot of businesses.The number is 412 318-3000.I am in sales no matter what the customer is all ways right.You never threaten them with calling the police unless you feel your life is in danger.We made no such gesture.You may contact me at 863 873-4984 or e-mail not but anything from this TOYOTA DEALER.Call and let him know what you think.

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My daughter found a vehicle she wanted, put down, was to pick up Fri.

Friday came and they told her it had to be certified. Come back Mon. Went Mon. It was sitting on the lot.

They told her no it was not the one. Thank goodness she did research and had copied the vin # when she test drove it and took pictures. Went ahead and went to were they said it was and it was another one wrecked on passenger side Different VIN #, She took pictures of it and and also had milage of both cars and no match. They are refusing after telling her they would return her money.

Now they refuse. They tried to switch vehicles . This makes me sick she is a single mom with 5 kids and these jerks are screwing her big time. Told her to call Marty and tell everyone she can to go out when they have customers and raise ***.

They need to be stopped NOW!Calling an atty for her to get this FRAUD company straightened out.

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